Bad Applications of Good Products

Join us on June 7th for a 90 minute seminar: Discounts available for Lapointe Lumber customers.

Bad Applications of Good Products

Thursday, June 7th 9:00 a.m. – 10: 30 a.m.

Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine – Augusta

Problems often arise when good building materials are used improperly. Condensation, wetting, air infiltration, and even chemical exposures can occur when the design or construction of a building is flawed from the start. All building materials are developed to meet a specific need in the industry. However, the ever-increasing quantity of products available and the constant evolution of construction practices make it easy for damaging “side effects” to be caused by “off label” uses–issues that have the potential to impact both indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

Join us on June 7th for an exploration of 7-10 actual case studies of bad applications of good building products

and the problems that ensue. The primary focus of the discussion will be on building science issues of the building envelope. An explanation of the physics of air and water movement through the building envelope will provide the attendees with further understanding of the issues involved and how to apply this knowledge to future problem solving.

This program is being presented in partnership with the Maine Indoor Air Quality Council.

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